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We started pouring our own candles for the simple reason of creating our own fragrances. that burn clean.  After receiving so many compliments, we decided to share it with it all of you. We all agree that life can be crazy sometimes. So many outside stresses that tend to pull you in every direction. What better way to relax than to light a candle. Whether you're sitting down to read a book, listening to music or just doing stuff around the house, lighting a candle can help ease your mind. Why? Because of the scent can take you back to places you have forgotten about or take you to places dream about when you close your eyes. The sense of smell is very powerful. We take a lot of pride in how our candles smell. Smell is everything to us. ​


We are constantly looking at ways to improve our scents or try new ones.


If you have a scent that you would like to see in our inventory, please feel free to email us at

Oh Franklin.

Owner of Waxed Candle Company John and his dog Franklin
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